who are we?

Arctic Container Line is part of the Myklebusthaug group of companies.

About us

Established in 2022, Arctic Container Line is a young, flexible and innovative container feeder line operating between Europe and Scandinavia. Built upon long traditions and extensive knowledge within maritime transport, we are offering the market a unique, personal and tailor-made service.

We are both owners and operators of our vessels, which gives us extraordinary possibilities to operate efficiently and give quick feedback to our customers. This also allows us having a long-term approach to new vessel types and customer partnerships.

The Polar Bearpolarbear
We have chosen a polar bear, the King of the Arctic, in our logo. Just like the polar bear, we know our waters, and are built for the cold environment in which we are trading. Additionally, the polar bear is one of the species most affected by climate change, as it relies on ice for traveling, hunting, resting and mating. In Arctic Container Line we want to be a part of the solution to fight climate change, and are commited to developing new maritime transport solutions which reduces CO2 and Greenhouse gas emmissions. This will be our mission in everything we do.

Arctic Container Line is part of the Myklebusthaug group of companies. Read more here: www.mmred.no

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